Introduction of the AF

Media Coverage of the “Afghanistan Forum: Promoting Tolerance through Dialogue”

T’wan Media Productions has supported Co-operation for Peace and Unity (CPAU) throughout many projects through the providing of professional and high quality media outputs.
One of the projects on which we are currently working on together is the “Afghanistan Forum: Promoting Tolerance through Dialogue”. The second phase of the Afghanistan Forum (AF-II) was launched in May 2014 for a period of two years. It is a CPAU-implemented national program that aims to raise cultural tolerance, awareness, and knowledge of local, provincial, national and international issues related to violent extremism across the country while embedding pluralism and women’s rights in Afghanistan. It is composed of 49 provincial conferences where an estimated 200 participants discuss a particular topic over the course of a two-day session wit stakeholders from various civil society, government, and scholarly institutions.
The stated goal of the “Afghanistan Forum” is to encourage and facilitate the knowledge sharing and information exchange between international Islamic scholars and Afghan religious scholars, leaders, and the community within the context of Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) and therefore is part of CPAU’s wider CVE efforts. The AF-II is based on:

  1. The education of the target participants and audiences of the conferences through working group discussions
  2. The facilitation of a proactive response towards remedial action.
  3. Ensuring that local leaders and communities share a common responsibility to take action towards civil society development and reform.

The program furthermore seeks to promote civic engagement through an interactive media and includes both social and radio platforms. This is where T’wan Media Productions becomes a valued partner. We acknowledge the power of media holds in countering violent extremism, and in response we produce and broadcast 45-second PSAs in Dari and Pashto, as well as 5-minute radio programs and short videos for each of the Afghanistan Forum conferences as an integral aspect of our public outreach.
The following links will lead to the respective media outputs for each conference listed under the provincial names they were held in.

PSAs in Dari and Pashto

Radio Programs