About Us

“What you seek is seeking you.”–Rumi


T’wan Media Productions is an Afghan-based production house whose professional services span from radio broadcasting to film production. Set up in December 2012 in Kabul, Afghanistan,T’wan Media is founded on 3 values:

  1. Digital Democracy
  2. Engaged Citizenship
  3. Cultural Capital

Even children can have access to stories. Not only will T’wan take on the educational role to teach both children and adults to develop powerful narratives, they will be part of an active citizenry in nation building through digital media by using only simple objects and stories.

As the industry pioneer in animation, T’wan harnesses the cultural resources of every individual and reignites the passion for creativity and imagination.

There are two arms of T’wan — (i) corporate, and (ii) education.

In the corporate sector, we develop artistic media concepts and deliver high quality media outputs (radio, film, print) based on the needs of our clients. Every step is a collaborative endeavor– because we believe in partnerships that are sustainable for the Afghan community in the long run.

In the education sector, T’wan provides internship opportunities, media training workshops, as well as storytelling sessions, to both university students seeking industrial experience and children seeking creativity and fun.

Our Team

Zakia Allizay, T’wan Senior Producer & Drama Director Ms. Zakia Allizay has an extensive work experience in media, being the producer and writer at BBC/AEP for social programmes, as well as with other media companies like MSPA, Linz Production, Equal Access and Pixel. She graduated from the Education faculty of Kabul University and had attended long and short term workshops in journalism.
Mina Wardak, T’wan Senior Voice Actor & Post-Production

Ms. Mina Wardak has a long history of work experiences in media. She has worked on economic and social programmes on BBC Pashto, as well as being the voice actor in the Afghan Educational Programme (AEP) in the famous radio drama New Home, New Life. She has also done dubbing and translations with one of the well-known TV stations, Aryana. In her previous work with other media companies like Aina, she was their director, producer and presenter. She graduated from the Literature Faculty of Kabul University and was awarded the Best Actress in Big Star Productions in 2012.
Toryalai Wahidi , T’wan Senior Actor, Director of Photography

As the Senior Voice Actor and camera man, Mr. Toryalai Wahidi’s extensive experience spans different organisations and media companies like BBC, Aryana TV and Tolo TV. He has also worked with Emroz TV as an advisor, and was the presenter and producer for TV programmes.  Mr Wahidi graduated from the Gallery Department of the Art Faculty at Kabul University. A long-standing theatre veteran, Mr Wahidi was part of the New Home, New Life radio drama for 17 years. He was also presented a medal by President Hamid Karzai for his documentary, Tasweeb-e-Qanoon-e-asasi Loye Jerga.
Naqib Larawai, T’wan Senior Actor

Mr. Naqib Larawai worked with Lemar TV station in comedy programmes for the last 3 years. he had been in employment with other media production houses like Kapu and Shamshad TV station, where he worked as a dubbing artist, presenter, producer, and the main protagonist of a 100-episode serial drama ABC 100. He has received numerous commendation certificates from Lemar, Ariana and Kapu Productions.
Najia Sadat, T’wan Senior Actor

Ms. Najia Sadat’s diverse work experiences in the field of media for the last eight years range from being a presenter to voice actor. More specifically, Ms. Sadat has worked with the National Solidarity Program (NSP) as a presenter for their development programs,as well as involved with other production houses such as Bigstar, Kapul, and Picxil. She graduated from the Teacher’s Training Institute in Kabul and is producing educational radio programmes at T’wan.
Hammidullah Wafa, T’wan Senior Actor
Mr. Hammidullah Wafa has had 15 years of media experience in Afghanistan. He has worked with different media companies as the voice actor and producer, such as BBC’s New Home New Life, Equal Access, Awaz, CTNA, FKH, Sayara, Bigstar, Kapul, and MSPA. Mr. Wafa was also the Manager of Pashto drama at the Radio Television Afghanistan for 7 years. A graduate from the Art Faculty of Kabul University, Mr. Wafa had garnered several accolades, including winning the Best Actor (Radio) in 2011 with Deutsche Welle (DW), as well as the Best Actor in 2012 with Big Star Productions.
Mir Abdullah Badr, T’wan Scriptwriter
Mr. Abdullah Badr has work experiences with Afghan-based TV station, Noor, and with Saba TV, as their Programme Director. He used to work with Nawa Radio as the Assistant Director. He has written many drama scripts, and other social and cultural programme scripts for different TV stations and radio stations. Two of his scripts are currently being filmed. He graduated from Kabul University’s Faculty of Art Department of Cinema. An award-winning writer, Mr. Badr has won  three awards for scriptwriting with the British Council, Tolo TV Movie Script Festival, and Kabul Theatre Festival.
Yama Ariaye, Admin and Support Manager
Naqib Hakimi, T’wan Graphics Designer Animator
As a high school student, he developed a particular interest in Broadcast animation . At the age of 17, he entered the Areana Art institute to study animation. Naqib Hakimi has a 6 year career in animation which includes , Afghan TV, Aria TV, Khorshid TV, Amrooz TV, Ghazanfer Bank , Payman Ice Cream, Pashtany Bank , etc. “I thought what a great medium! It was exciting and I said if you can do that, why bother with drawing and painting. They’ve been around for two thousand years at least, but here is a new art, just begun, which is the art of today – and painting is the art of the past.” Naqib Said .
Afzal Mohammad Khan, IT Officer
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Author: Afzal Khan